Remove Waste

You won't find bloated useless features. Something you don't like or use? Configure to hide features you don't need.


Effortlessly share meaningful data with your team while driving conversations out of email and into IdiotSimple.

Deliver Faster

Reduce administration and spend less time in multiple tools and more time delivering business value.

Agile, Waterfall, or Custom? You choose!


Don't get stuck with a solution that only allows a single delivery method. Configure IdiotSimple to different needs of your project teams. Wizard style project guides will eliminate the need for training reducing start up time so your teams can focus on delivering.

Defect Tracking. Fix your buggy code.

Defect Tracking

Reduce costs and save money by finding defects early. Assign defects to available team members with the right skills and manage from anywhere. Dashboard analytics and reports help escalate and provide awareness.

Task Management. Track your team's work.

Task Management

Use the task feature to help you stay organized and on schedule whether part of a larger project or to help manage your individual todo list.

Activity Stream. Live updates.Coming Soon!

Activity Stream

The Activity Stream provides a realtime filterable feed of IdiotSimple activity within your company. The Activity Stream can ease the status report burden on your team and allow them to stay focused on delivery.

Integrated Discussions. Meaningful topics.


IdiotSimple integrates collaboration directly into your team's work flow creating meaningful online conversations. This reduces dependency on email and facilitates finding key data in a single central location for your team's work.

Share Documents. Why store anywhere else?

Share Documents

Digging through email or searching through poorly organized SharePoint, Drop Box, Google Docs, OneDrive and other document libraries can be a big time waster. IdiotSimple provides the ability to attach to work items and a document storage area for all projects (with no storage limits!).

Time Entry. Task or Report, you choose.

Time Entry

Time entered on work items while you work on them are automatically added to your time report. This saves time and effort of remembering where your time went while completing your time report at the end of a reporting period. Entry at the project level is just as easy and provides summary level entry.

Time Clock. Automatically track!

Time Clock

Reduce the hassle of having physical time cards for your hourly employees. Time Clock data can be seamlessly integrated into time reports to facilitate payroll or billable invoices.

On Behalf Of. Administrator or delegate tracking.


Submit time on behalf of another team member when the team member is on vacation, on an unexpected absence or submit time via standard delegation to administrative personnel.

Expense Receipts. As simple as taking a picture.


Lets be honest, who really likes submitting expense receipts? Submit receipts via computer or phone one at a time as you incur them or via credit card import of your monthly statement. Snap a photo of your receipt to add to an expense eliminating the need for saving your receipts and scanning them.

Credit Card Integration. Forget individual entry!

Tired of wasting hours dealing with pages of expenses at the end of each month? IdiotSimple credit card integration provides a means to import bank statements to load expenses in bulk saving countless hours work.